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Naming Contest


What name fits our new baby best?

Voting has closed.



  1. He’s definitely a Milton!

      1. It comes from a corruption of “All The…. All The OUTS in Free!”, meaning “I give up”. “Knowing is half the battle.” ……..G.I. Joe

        1. Yes, ollie (full name oliver
          of course)

          1. How cute to hear Ollie or Oliver otter.It just sounds great rolling off the tongue

          2. Oliver “Ollie” Otter – I love it!!!

          3. love Oliver!

          4. I was going to say Oliver too! He just looks like an Oliver.

          5. YESSS! Ollie is the name for him. I agree 110% Oliver Ollie the Otter(: That is pure genius!(:

          6. i agree he has the spirit of an Oliver/Ollie!

          7. diggin the ollie.

          8. Ollie for me too! :”3

          9. I’m liking Oliver.

          10. I agree with all the votes for Ollie/Oliver

          11. I agree with Ollie or Oliver! Perfect.

          12. Oliver or Ollie, definitely. He’s an orphan, like Oliver Twist, but now he’s better off!

          13. Loving the Ollie (Oliver).

          14. Oliver! He’s definitely an Oliver. :D

          15. I vote for Ollie.

          16. I voted for Ollie :)

          17. THIS! Oliver is perfect.

          18. I was thinking Oliver as soon as I saw that there was a contest. It was a nice surprise to see so many like minds already here.

          19. I thought Oliver or Olive too :D sounds very cute with the alliteration.

            Another option would be Whiskers Von Claws…..

          20. I agree I think it should be Ollie

    1. I vote for OLLIE. “Ollie ollie oxen free” … meaning anyone that hadn’t already been found was free to come in….and you guys founf him :)

      1. I vote Ollie too! I have a stuffed otter named Ollie!

        Ollie the otter (:

        1. I also vote for Ollie (Oliver). Also like Oscar

          1. defenitelly ollie!!!

      2. I like Ollie as well!

      3. I LOVE Ollie!!!!!!
        Ollie the Otter :)

      4. Ollie for sure.

      5. Agreed! Ollie/Oliver is the PERFECT name for this little guy

      6. Oliver / Ollie – for sure!

      7. I agree! I think Oliver/Ollie suits him perfectly.

      8. I think Ollie is perfect. That was going to be my suggestion.

        1. i’m with you guys! ollie the otter for sure!

      9. Ollie is my vote as well! So funny to see so many folks agree. :)

        1. I have to agree with everyone else!! Ollie sounds perfect. (not to mention adorable) =)

    2. How about LOO? = Little Orphan Otter?

      1. LOVE LOO!!!! How creative!!

        1. Loo is perfect!

          1. I vote Loo!

    3. I think “Georgie” is perfect since he was found in St. George, SC! i am six years old. i like him. he is cute!

      1. I agree with Leah. I think “Georgie” would be a perfect name and it would commemorate the place where he was found, St. George, SC. Leah, our thoughts run together. He is a little cutie.

        1. I agree…Georgie would be perfect. He’s adorable!

        2. As soon as I saw the darling face I thought Georgie, and then continued to read that he was found on St George River…how appropriate thank you

          1. He is definitely a Georgie.

          2. Georgie is the cutest name ever!

      2. I agree with Leah. Georgie is his name.

        1. I agree, I think Georgie is a good name.

          Others that might fit:

      3. I agree with Leah! “Georgie” is perfect!

      4. i agree that “Georgie” is the perfect name for the little guy! Can’t wait to see him in person.

      5. i agree! i voted and my official “other” vote goes to Georgie. :)

      6. He’s definitely a Georgie!

      7. I was thinking the same thing-exactly the same thing :P Georgie would be a perfect name for the little guy found in St. George, SC!

    4. Definitely” Trotter” the new baby otter

      1. Trotter the otter is perfect!

        1. Agreed! +1 for Trotter

    5. My 4th grade class at Linkhorn Park Elementary School (Va. Beach) and I would like to offer the following suggestions… Otto (Mrs. Torres); Oliver (Jalyn W); Cutie (Brooke V, Gabby R., Melanie A.); Milky Way (Montrez B.); Oswald (Ivan F); Otter (Dylan M); Snuggly (Amy P); Aflack (Keith T); Billy Ray (Brad M); Cookie (Gabe B); Robert (Darcy C); Pepe (Eddie F); and Lovely (Michael R). Thanks for slugging through all these suggestions. We have had fun reading about the baby. We are studying about Ecosystems right now, so this comes at a great time! – Mrs. Torres’ Class

      1. I like “Black Nosey” because he has a black nose and I like the name Rosey.

      2. I think his name should be ‘Bosworth Remington the First’ – ‘Bos’ for short!

        1. I agree with Dale!

      3. I think ” Otto” is the best name for this cute otter !

        1. I agree- Otto should be his name!

      4. He looks like an Ottis

      5. Benedict or Sherlock would be highly appropriate, I think.

        1. Benedict Otterbatch

          1. Benny Otterbatch. Benny the Otterbatch :3 It works, it works!!!


          3. Seconding Benedict Otterbatch.

          4. Benedict Otterbatch!

          5. Benedict Otterbatch :D

        2. Yeah, I like those options. Especially Sherlock though!

          1. Sherlock is my pick!

          2. I agree with naming him “Sherlock”; failing that, “Benedict”.

        3. Definitely Sherlock.

          1. Sherlock!

          2. I second Sherlock! Definitely. Sherlock the sleuthy otter. :3

        4. Yes. Sherlock, or Benedict but Benny rings nice as well yes I do love Benny you should all go for that

          1. Sherlock, obviously. ;)

        5. This is exactly what I was coming to say! The little guy would look just dashing with his own little blue scarf. :D

        6. I second/third/fourth/etc a vote for Benedict/Sherlock.

          1. Sherlock or Ben. Failing that, Olly/Ollie.

        7. My vote goes for Sherlock!

          1. Sherlock : D

    6. Lego, Charlie Brown or Hickory.

        1. THAT’S WHAT I WAS GONNA SAY!!!! You are made of awesome.

        2. Yup +1 on Sherlock!!!

        3. Sherlock!! :)

          1. I was thinking Sherlock (or maybe Benedict) :)

          2. Has to be Sherlock! Perfect name.

        4. Sherlock!

        5. Sherlock. Failing that: Benedict :) .

          1. My thoughts exactly!!! +Infinity for these names!

          2. Definitely Sherlock!

        6. Exactly what I was going to say. Definitely Sherlock.

          1. Yes, definitely Sherlock

        7. YES, SHERLOCK.
          or Benedict, that works too

          1. I am going for Sherlock too^^

          2. Sherlock!

          3. Definitely Sherlock!

          4. I agree. Sherlock.

        8. I was going to say Benedict, but Sherlock is pretty much the same thing! <3

        9. I agree with Sherlock, or Benedict. It should be one or the other :P

          1. I agree wholeheartedly with Beth (and those who come before her with similar answers, of course)

        10. Definitely Sherlock.

          1. With out question it must be Sherlock

          2. Sherlock.

    7. I love otters. Please consider calling him TEENY

      1. I love Whiskers……….Thats the very first thing I notice.

      2. Whiskers sounds like a good name. It’s adorable!

      3. I thought of “Whiskers” too! Perhaps Mister Whiskers? That’s what popped into my head when I saw him for the first time.

        1. Me and my mother like: Preston, Mister Whiskers and Milton although his whiskers and little chubby face make me think of Hubert.

          1. I think we should call him Will. He just kind of looks like one. And besides, how many times have you heard someone call an otter Ollie? About from any little kid who saw an otter. Now how many times have you heard an otter called Will? See my point?

        2. I think he should be called Whiskey because of his long whiskers! I am glad I am not the only one who noticed his adorable whiskers :-)

      4. I’ve already named the little fellow “Whiskers”….that is THE name that best fits!

    8. I choose the name Victor as in Victory.He difinitely has won the victory of the people. Good luck Victor!!!

    9. Percy!!!!! He definitely looks like a Percy!

    10. Since he is a orphan, I think he should be Oliver after Oliver Twist. Or he could be Artful Dodger, maybe Dodger for short.

    11. Baby Retto (otter spelled backwards)

    12. Potter the Otter

      1. I’m voting for Potter!

        1. Harry…. Harry Otter!!!

    13. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    14. I think Ollie is perfect! Anyone remember Kookla, Fran and Ollie? I foresee Homer, Tippy and Ollie!

    15. Name him WALDO! Because when you put him down you are going to need help finding him! WHERES WALDO!? The little rascal.;)~

    16. We like Obie & Otto!

      1. Otto is the perfect name for him. He just looks like an Otto ;o)

    17. I like Harry!!! Harry otter!! Or Butter!

    18. Brandon foster, oldest offered that name!

    19. We vote for “Otis”!

      1. I vote for Otis too! (:
        Otis the Otter is perfect!!

    20. i like Morgan or Ollie,

    21. We were thinking “Dude-Man”. ready to learn & play, Soon to be a lady’s man. Won’t be able to turn down a happy hour snack of oysters & sardines. Mischief in his future to be sure. Enjoying life! Try that one. . .

    22. I think he should be called Torpedo or Hunter. I think this next one is cute. Otter Pop

    23. I’d call him Ozzy……………… x

    24. He looks like a Henry.

    25. I like any of the following
      Milked way
      Or georgie

    26. Napoleon or Urchin

    27. I’d call him Cumberbatch, who plays title role of BBC’s Sherlock Holmes

    28. I think he looks like “Stitch”

    29. Sinnce its summer., how about Otter Melon???

    30. Barnabus Otter

    31. “Georgie” since he was found near St. George, South Carolina!

    32. How ’bout Otter Banks? He could be called OB (Obie) for short.

    33. Pop, as in otter pop!

      1. This is my favorite.

    34. His name should be Squeaky!

    35. It looks like a Jolee to me

    36. Fudge — he’s just the color of fudge and oh so sweet!

    37. My daughter, Caleigh, say it should be Hot Dog.

    38. I think Oscar would fit him well. Adorable pictures by the way. Well done! : )

    39. Caruso! Don’t know where that popped up from but when I saw that face it was just there. :)

  2. He looks like an adorable little Oscar to me! So cute and tiny!

    1. I like Oscar or Oliver.

    2. He is so cute i luv any thing thats a baby! I think Alicia M is right as soon as i seen him in the papper i thought he should be named Oscar!

      1. I like Oscar!

        1. I agree with Diana, I love Oscar!

    3. oscar he is so cute.i agee with diana and rachel and lisa

  3. Oliver!

    1. I agree, I was thinking Oliver as well!

      1. I like Oliver or Moses (since he was found along the river)

  4. I’m not sure I registered correctly. But I think “Jetty” would be a good fit, and provide a local connection.

    1. I was thinking Jetty as well. The local connection is a plus, but I originally thought of it because I can visualize him playfully jetting through the water in his new habitat!!!

    2. I like Jetty as well

  5. Oliver, or Ollie for short. He’s an orphan just like Oliver Twist!

    1. Oh that is a good one!

  6. How about George, after where he was found?

  7. How about tanka, Tarka or niles?

    1. or Mij or Mijbil?

      1. Mij…just what I was going to suggest….that movie made me an otter lover for life when I was 7 years old! I am now almost 50. “Ring of Bright Water”

  8. I like Jetty or Oliver; NOT any of the four choices listed!!

  9. ‘Oliver’, after another, literary orphan.

  10. “Linus” since he likes to cuddle with his blanket

    1. I like this name! it is cute name! :)

  11. Harry Potter the otter

    1. HA HA Harry potter the otter

  12. I think is a very cute name for an Otter

  13. Cute name for an Otter.

  14. I think a good name would be Percer…it looks like he is percing his lips…. So cute!!!!

    1. It’s spelled “pursing” or “purser.”

  15. I hope i got it right this time OTTER BOY

  16. How about “Welcome Back” as in Welcome Back Otter

  17. River!

  18. I think his name should be Merril!

  19. I like Oliver, too.

  20. VAQ (Vack) for Virginia Aquarium

  21. OK, who’s been watching Private Practice? 50 percent of those names are characters!

    1. and the other half is sheldon cooper…

  22. It should be George, he’s from St. George.

    1. Yep definately George!

  23. I think he looks like a Sammy : )

  24. Oliver or Linus!

  25. How about Otto.. Since he was sort of on Auto pilot surviving by himself after being abandoned.

  26. Vote for MoMo (short for Mogami) !!! :)

  27. My first thought was Oliver. And from the responses you’ve received, I’d say it’s a popular choice!

  28. Emmett Otter!!!! Don’t ya’ll remember Emmett Otter’s Jug band Christmas growing up!!??

    1. Yep – I was thinking the same thing! I LOVED watching Emmett Otter’s Jugband Christmas when I was a little girl :)

    2. I vote for Emmett!!!!!

    3. I agree! Emmet (yes, it only has one “t” in the title) Otter! I used to watch that movie with my mom every Christmas and when she passed away I started watching it with my kids. So that’s the name that gets my vote. :)

    4. Woohoo for Emmet!!!

  29. Milo name after one of famous Hand hold otters

    1. My first thought when I saw him was “Milo”!! Love it.

  30. I thought Oscar or Oliver… How about Ocean Otter…

  31. I think “Lilo” which means “generous one” in hawaiian OR “Kai” which is hawaiian for “ocean” were pretty cute. I’m also par to “Binx” its just a cute name :)

    1. Kai is great! I am going to go for Ohana! he will be family to all of us at the Aquarium.

      1. I think his name should be Ohana because Ohana means family. He lost his mother and now he is a part of our family as well as everyone that visits our Aquarium here in Virginia Beach.

        1. How about the best of both – “Kai Ohana” – Ocean Family! His nickname could be Kai or K.O….

  32. Since St. George is known as a dragon slayer name the little otter Draco from Dragon Heart. Draco taught people about honor.

  33. Either Foster or
    Seabee (Like the U.S Seals in the Hampton Roads area)

  34. I would name him “Susamuru” which is “otter” in Turkish. Maybe “Sam” or “Sammy” for short.

  35. You have probably already have had one of these but.. “OTTO”

  36. I like Sully. :) Short for Sullivan.

  37. You probably already have had one of these but…”OTTO”

  38. Moses because he will live a long life.

  39. His name should be Wonner (think “Conner” with a “W”). He would be Wonner the Otter.

  40. Since this little sweetheart was found near St. George, SC.. how’s about GEORGE!!

  41. I think “OZZY” is a great name!

  42. Huey

  43. Poseidon-He is so worthy!

  44. Harry Otter ?

  45. Wonner the Otter is perfect!

  46. How about Ottom? Was the first name that popped in mind =)

  47. I think “Sampson” would be a really good name for the otter…:)

  48. I think his name shoudl be George because they found him near St. George!!! Rather fitting if you ask me!!

  49. I like the name “Maxwell”

    1. I was also going to suggest Maxwell!

  50. Pungo!!!

  51. Lontra…it’s otter in Italian

  52. Rosey or may berry!

  53. Looks like a Jetty or Oliver to me :)

  54. The name “Lutra” would help with getting kids to remember the scientific name for river otters.

  55. corben….

  56. His name should be YumYum. He’s so adorable I just want to eat him up!

  57. Otters are my favorite animals. I even got a tattoo to prove it, I think you should name him Skye… after me, I would be honored!

    1. How about Flipper

  58. Monroe. I like Monroe :-)

  59. It’s name should be Eunita Biskit, after a local icon.

  60. Name him CADEL. It’s a French name meaning “playful like a puppy”

  61. I think his name should be Dobby :)

  62. He looks like a baby Presley! :)

    1. I think Scooter

      1. definitely Scooter!

  63. I like Jetty. But also Bart, since you already have a Homer.

  64. I think Zippy would be cool. :-) I love to watch them zip through the water. you already have a Tippy so why not Zippy?

  65. He looks like a Barney !!!!!!

  66. He looks like a Wally. Wally Otter. :)

  67. Hi
    How about Otto?

  68. Emmett (after Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas).

  69. I think Otis is cute, like Otis the Otter.

  70. “Neptune” would be great … “George” would be another option. He’s adorable!

  71. How about “TIDE” or “LR” short for light rail.

  72. Oliver is my choice s well.

  73. I’m 6 years old and I love otters. I think the baby otter’s name should be “Electra” because he wiggles around a lot like electricity.

  74. I’m 4 years old and I think the otter’s name should be “Leckie”.

  75. He is an Erinn. The Norwegian way!

  76. I think he should be named Hampton, representing Hampton Roads. :)

  77. Name him Splash !

  78. I think his name should be “Slick”. Which denotes being “cool” as well as fast and smooth.

  79. I was thinking Soca because he’s from S Carolina but as i read through others comments/ideas, i totally dig Jetty too! 1) Soca
    2) Jetty

    ….he’s adorable either way and so glad he was rescued AND that hes here in VB! ;-)

  80. My 3yr old says to name him Leo or Luter

  81. he’s Otis the Otter!

  82. I think scuttle is a good name

  83. I think George or Boy George!

  84. james river

  85. The name should be St. George… He was saved and kept alive St. George fits p;erfect.

  86. Awww…i said Soca or Jetty buuuut i also like Splash, Emmit or Zippy too! I definitely dont like any of the names on the official list….SO glad everyone is coming up with such cool alternatives!

  87. I think Ollie would be a cute name for this little guy!

  88. I have a friend who nicknamed myself Otter a while ago, its all she ever calls me. She’d get a kick if this otter was named after me. I think having Andrew the otter would be awesome.

  89. i think abby (starts with a for aquarium)or virginia because this is his new home

  90. One of my best friends is named Andrew, but to our group of friends we all call him Otter. He is one of the sweetest, and slightly oddball guys we know, and we think it would be fantastic if you named the new baby otter “Andrew”. Otterception, anyone?

  91. oops i forgot it was a boy but i think georgie

  92. I like Georgie or Diego!

  93. Wallace the Wonder Otter ~ Wally for short

  94. my pick for the name of the baby otter is oscar or maybe james or kennday

  95. I think MAXWELL would be an appropriate name that would also pay hommage to the recent presumption of extinction of the 14th species of otter, the “Maxwell” otter.

  96. Draco is a perfect name for him.

  97. How about Forrest? Things seem like they are just going his way!

  98. Lpisgar pronounced lupizgar
    (Lost Parents In St.George Aquarium Rescued)


  100. We love Oliver!

  101. How about “Hamlet”? “Otto” is cute but a little obvious.

    1. hamlet! yes!!

  102. Cape Henry

    1. i like it! and i might call him Henry! :)

  103. My 3 year old son wants to name him…Ollie…..Ollie the Otter! How cute is that!

  104. Chipper!!!!!!

  105. George…saw so many other cute names reading through the post….but my 1st thought was George.

  106. Oswald!

  107. How about Sammi?

  108. Oscar….. Martin…… Joe……Oswald……lorenzo <3

  109. I think he should be named Stitch; as in Lilo & Stitch

  110. Eunita Biskit

  111. How about Harry Otter

  112. My gosh, why not just plain Lucky!

  113. sebastian!!!

  114. My favorite animal!!! I’d name him Coco :)

  115. Hairy P. Otter

  116. I think his name should be OLIVER!!! :)

  117. Name it GILBERT

  118. I like Oliver or Ollie for short! (:

  119. His name should be Billy Joe or Bobby Joe or Billy Jean

  120. i think Christopher Chris for short pleas pick mine

  121. George because he is curious and was found off the coast of St.George.

  122. I think his name should be Survivor, because he survived all by himself before he was rescued.

  123. First thought Oscar, but also like Oliver for him.

  124. I think journey as in otters journey would be good or another idea i had was otterbe free:) Otterbe or Journey

  125. George is too obvious. I suggest Dorchester. St. George is located in Dorchester County.

  126. His name should either be Jerry or Frankie.

  127. I think “Charm” would be a wonderful name.. since Dr. Jackie said he’s “charming” and I’m sure his charm will win over the staff and visitors of the Aquarium. He’s certainly a good luck charm.. and a welcome addition to the otter pool, especially after the recent loss (March 2012) of “Pungo”, the last original otter at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.

  128. i think it should be Lucky or Berry

  129. Oliver, definitely!

  130. Casper

  131. Scooter

    1. Harry, Harry Otter

  132. Otis….yep I like Otis.

    1. Yes Otis I was thinking that too

  133. Brisky

  134. Arthur the Otter

    1. Oh yes! Please name him “Arthur”! : )

  135. Name:Oreo

  136. Oliver he is an Oliver

  137. Palmetto or Palmer since he was found in SC

    1. Seconded

  138. His name should be Sparky!

    1. That was my first reaction on seeing him the photo of him in the laundry basket, and that’s not a name I normally think of, so he’s definitely a “Sparky”!

  139. Bismark or Otto Von Bismark

  140. I choose the name Ollie as there was an otter with that name at the Norfolk zoo many years ago. I always enjoyed watching the two otters swim and play in their pool. I can remember a step along the side of the pool so small children could step up to watch the Otters.

  141. Pip Squeek ! I know he will grow up, but he still looks like a Pip Squeek to me.

  142. His name should be “otter banks”!!

  143. Hokie Pokie

  144. He looks like an Oswald.

  145. He is adorable. I suggest “Gramps”

  146. His name should be Gip, because he is so cute and the name is short and cute like the baby otter!

  147. Espero. Hope.

  148. Otis the otter is a good name.

  149. i think his name should be foffey , geoffrey, gilliam , or scout !!!! :)

  150. I like Rex the otter

  151. Name him “Cozmoe”.

  152. Phil

  153. Orvis. Orvis Otter.

  154. Some cute names for the new baby otter to me would be Bear….. Oscar………… Bitsey………….. Little Bit………… Bubba……… PawPaw………. Paws………… Cuddles………… Ollie……….. Georgie………… Emmit after Emmit Otter, or Duke would all be names that i would have to think the hardset about if I were naming this baby otter.

  155. Name him William!!!!!

  156. Pungo

    That gives it a local flavor.

  157. I think Jetson would be a cute name considering he is a boy!

  158. What about Splash?

  159. McKinley

  160. Well, there are two options 1. “Soldier” becuase he was born on memorial day or 2. “Orville” becuase of the Outer Banks and the Wright Brothers

  161. Scooter.

  162. “George”, since he was born/found in St. George, SC!

  163. name him “River.”

  164. My sister’s mother-in-law died this morning. She was in hospice and it was her time.
    I thought why not use part of her name. Her middle name was Brown. What a cool
    name for the newborn otter.

  165. Chester or Jethro

  166. What about Wiskers?

  167. Definitely looks like a Sheldon!! <3 So cute!

  168. He looks like a Walter to me.

  169. I think his name should be Oliver!!!!!!

  170. I like Nugget, he looks like a cute little nugget.

  171. Ollie, short for Oliver sounds go to me.

  172. Otis…Otis the Otter…definitely!

  173. Charles or Cholly

  174. Name him King James!

  175. I think it should be Melvin or Bernard(bold as a bear).

  176. He looks like a Milo for sure!

  177. Sheldon sounds like a great name!

  178. I think George or St. George to honor where he was found.

  179. I Like Oshawott! <3

  180. Ortego the otter

  181. he is Noodle!

  182. Scrappy would be a good name

  183. I think Pappy is a good name..he looks like a little old man.

  184. I like “Otto”. Otto the otter! He sure is cute!

  185. My 9 year old has a stuff animal otter he named Ottie and we both think that would be a great name for him. Ottie!

  186. I love the name Ollie…fits him perfectly.

  187. I think Otis would be a good fit for this little guy.

  188. His name should be…… Gi or Oscar ot Gia

  189. SoCo, short for southern comfort. Bc he was found in S.C.

  190. Rudee (for Rudee Inlet)
    Henry (for Cape Henry)
    Neptune (for the Neptune Statue)

    1. I like the name Swimmy.He’s so cute!! I am 9 years old and hope my name is chosen.

  191. The Otters name should be St. George

  192. St. George……where he was found…he is so cute

  193. I think “Whiskers” because otters are quick like a cat!!!!

  194. George. Since he was born on veterans day, have his named in honor of one of the greatest generals in U.S. history.

    1. or Washington for the same reason.

  195. Little Joe (from the Thornton Burgess books)

  196. i m suggesting naming the otter BRUCE

  197. I think Otis would be a great name for the Baby Otter!

  198. I would like him to be named Linus.

  199. STANLEY – he just looks like a Stanley, to me.

  200. He looks like a “max”. Not Maxwell but Max-a-million!!

  201. He looks like a Hank. Goes well with Tippy and Homer.

  202. Harry, as in Harry Otter…! :D

  203. Dilbert McPickles!!!!

  204. I absolutley LOVE the name OSCAR!!! Oscar the Otter sounds pretty good to me.

  205. I have to admit I would like to say Whiskers, but after reading some of the other posts, I like Oliver Twist also.

  206. James: In memory of James Normile because he loved the water and surfing.

  207. Severus!

  208. Fisher….because otters eat fish.

  209. i like Rizzo, Pepper, Mac, and Aiden =]

  210. Or since he was born in February…VALENTINE.

  211. Ollie!

  212. Oliver!!!!!

    1. I like Oliver(Ollie) or Olivier after all he is a dashing young man!

  213. he is for sure a little baby Cornelius..without a doubt. :)

  214. Marco. He was exploring and this time he found Virginia.

  215. I think he looks like a little Butterbean

  216. McCoy would be a wonderful name! He is the realy McCoy and oh so adorable!

  217. Harlow or Syd

  218. lc (low country)

  219. “Rupert” would be perfect. It is a cute fit.

  220. “Geoff” Somehow, he looks British, and Geoff is very British!

  221. I think “Ollie” is a fitting name, and easy for children to say. Plus it sounds cute no matter who says it. It would work well in a song about him. Just an all around fun name!!!

  222. Ollie short for oliver

  223. He looks like an Oliver, like some others have commented, Oliver Twist.

  224. He looks like an Oliver to me too, but he also looks like a “Bunga”. That’s what my 3 yr old named her stuffed bunny, and it’s def unique!

    1. i think ollie to!!!!!!!

  225. he’s got Mr. Brown eyes and they kinda look alike too.

  226. this is my first time doing this I ment his name schould be Mr, Brown. sorry

  227. “Bubbles” is also fitting because of the bubbles that Otters leave behind when they swim!!!! There is so much fun that is associated with bubbles and can be such a memorable name.

  228. I call otters “Nessy” because they look like the Loch Ness monster when they swim in the wild :) Nessie for a girl and in this case Nessy for the little boy!

  229. I think George would be fitting as that is where he was found and we should honor his “roots”.

  230. I like valentine but if not that then Micah, it doesn’t have any meaning to me or anything but it’s cute just like the otter.

  231. Bennett it means little blessed one, and he certainly is :)

  232. I think his name should be Parker. The community of Portsmouth, VA (and many others) recently witnessed a miracle through a life saving liver transplant for a 12 yr old boy named Parker Fly. He has a facebook page called “Prayers for Parker”. Like Parker, this baby otter is strong and he is a survivor, so it would be nice to give him Parker’s name. : )

    1. Parker is Perfect ! Parker for sure :)

    2. Yahhhh, Parker for sure!

    3. My vote is for the name Parker!

  233. How about Kip.

  234. I came up with these:
    Midnight-my black lab i grew up with
    Decker-for the late Peter(i hope this is not offensive to his family)
    Spyro-my daughter’s favorite game years ago
    Cavalier-Virginia Beach historical hotel
    Rudee- Near his new home

  235. I was thinking Fred but I like Sammy too

  236. Oliver twist because he has a happy ending


  238. He should be named “Windsor”…. In honor of st. George’s chapel in Windsor England.

  239. Parker, after little boy in the city of Chesapeake that just had a liver transplant last wee. Look at facebook page Prayers for Parker and you will see why this is the right name for him. This baby is a fighter, just like Parker!!

  240. Milo or Fagan (Fagan means “little fiery one”)

  241. You had both Sheldon and Cooper as options for names, I think you should go a little more in-depth on the Big Bang Theory and name him Bazinga!


  243. Parker, definitely Parker!

  244. PARKER!!!

  245. PARKER!!

  246. Definitely Meeko!


  248. How about “Rivah”… ;)

  249. obviously his name should be otto, ya know otto the otter :)

  250. Oliver!!

  251. Whiskers

  252. Inky would be a good name !

  253. I think Otto or Oscar would be good names for him.

  254. Parker for the local boy who just received a Liver Transplant. He has been a fighter and is overcoming big challenges!

  255. It has to be Oscar. He’s an award winner!

  256. I think a good name for this adorable little guy is Oscar or Oliver! Both would be amazing names for this little rascal:)

  257. Snuggles or Cuddles cause the otters just so cute

  258. he’s anme should be Peter or Noah

    1. sorry i meant name

  259. Name him Naro……….(.acronym for North American River Otter….)

  260. call him “snoops”.

  261. I think that it should be “SLICK”. His hair will look slick when he is wet and coming out of the water

  262. I like “Skipper.”

  263. I like Geoege


    1. This is the first name we thought of too!!! So for sure I believe it’s the best name :)

  265. Harry Otter

  266. Baxter! I love that name!

  267. I think his name should be Opal.

  268. Another vote for OTTO!

  269. Please name him Outer the Otter.

  270. Georgie would be a good name since he was found in St George, S.C. or Oliver to fit his personality and the kind of animal that he is.

  271. My two oldest children came up with Oscar. They say he looks like an cute!!

  272. He looks like a Snookers to me!!!

  273. I suggest RAWLS in honor of Mac Rawls the former head of the Museum. A very “Tidewater” sounding name!

  274. Afterall, we are so close to Cape Henry…

  275. I think is name should be Sigmund the Sea Otter!

  276. Name him Parker after the bravest and strongest boy. He has recently undergone a liver transplant surgery. He is only 12.

  277. I have suggested that this cute little guy be named after one of the cutest and most famous darlings of the theater, Little Orphan Annie. The otter is little; the otter is orphaned and: the otter is (oops!) not a girl. Therefore, I selected Ernie. I believe Little Orphan Ernie is a memorable and down-to-earth name with sustainable marketing and fundraising potential. I think those who appreciate the good work done by animal rescue organizations would be delighted with a name that exudes “cutability”. There also seems to be a cosy and endearing connection between entertaining kids like Little Orphan Annie and entertaining otters like Little Orphan Ernie. Good luck and good work!!

  278. I think “whiskers” is appropriate.

  279. Odo, for Old Dominion Otter

  280. PB&J like from my favorite childhood cartoon PB&J Otter :D

  281. Benji was my first impression when I saw him. Cute little dude.

  282. Name him Othello after Shakespeare’s Tragedy!

  283. I like “Walden” – but his friends would call him “Wally!”

  284. My daughter and I looked thru the list f suggested names so far, and we really liked Oliver and Harry Otter(made us both giggle) and for our own contribution we think his name shoudl be Ptan, which is a native american name (Lakota) meaning Joy of Life. The Lakota believe that having a talisman or amulet of a river otter will help to protects you from being bound to material goods and also rids you of the feeling that life is a struggle. Hope this is intersting to all who read this.

    1. I replied before I saw this and I think that is awesome… Ptan, or another similar name from one of the Native American Tribes from the area.

    2. I like this one almost as much as my own suggestion.

    3. I think that is a good name. It took a lot of thought and it isdifferent!!

  285. I suggest the following: Brownie, or…. LuvMuffin :)

  286. Spike, Pooka, or Pigeon (the otter!)

  287. Parker is a Perfect name!!

  288. “OTTIE”

  289. Bob or Oliver

  290. Axel. I thin this would be a perfect name because Axel the puppy at hope for life is cute and loving just the the otter

  291. Bruce-tacular!

  292. Bobby J. Quablo

  293. I really like the name “Oscar”. Oscar the otter.

  294. Oliver sounds good and seems to be most liked. I also like Milford… it is a small town in Bowling Green that has struggled but still is here, like he most likely struggled before he was found and now he is making it.

  295. Please name the baby otter “Parker” after a very brave twelve year old who just went though a liver transplant!

  296. Gotta go with Kotter the Otter.

  297. I think he looks like a Java, Retro, or Sampson

  298. I crown him “Arthur” the Otter. “Ar”t for short.

  299. Please name this little guy Hankie. I think it fits him perfectly.

  300. A few years ago I found a 10 day old male kitten in my garage. I bottle fed him and kept him as a member of my family. I WAS going to name him ‘Cole’ because he LOOKED like a lil lump of coal. However, whenever feeding him (wal-mart childrens ear syringe) I would always call him ‘a cute lil booger’…..
    I officially changed his name TOO ‘Booger’ because I didnt want to confuse the lil guy and because the name FIT !

  301. How about Spirit or Will….because he had the spirit and the will to stay alive when mamma abandoned him!

  302. Otto the Otter :)

  303. I like the name Chip…as soon as I looked at that sweet face I saw a little chocolate chip nose!

  304. How about Ozzie?
    It means strong one or divine….
    He is definitely strong! And so…..cute!!

  305. How about Mr. Kotter?….

  306. Kool-Otta

  307. I chose Al 1, since the baby otter is “alone” or “al one” or Al 1

  308. He’s so cute!!! He looks like an Oscar.

  309. Mr. Banks. Full name: Otter Banks.

    1. I’m with you on this one Anne :)

  310. KEEPER – because he’s really “a keeper” and so is the rehabilitator: “Keeper of the Wild”.

  311. Otto the Otter

  312. Since he was found near St George — how about “Georgio” or “Romeo” since he looks like he will be a real sweatheart with the ladies!1 LOL

  313. he’s from S.C. and so am I
    EARL the OTTER it shall be or EARNO


  315. Wylie Sea Monstaahs or Wylie for short!

  316. He looks Spunky to me. ” Spunky”, sounds like a nice name

  317. How about Otto? Second suggestion is a concurrence for Slick.

  318. How about Cotter the Otter or Kotter the Otter

  319. Lucky (to be alive)

  320. Valentino, since he is a February baby!

  321. We think his name should be Emmet Otter, because he owns his own Jug-band and has a movie to his credit.

  322. The name for the baby otter should be – Scott-er the Otter

  323. I think he looks like an ABNER! ABNER OTTER!

  324. I vote for Scooter. Otters scoot around. He also looks a little like the Muppet Scooter

  325. St. George from where he was found.

  326. I think Cyrus is fitting

  327. I think he looks like an, “Oscar”.

  328. Moogie! Say it fast or say it long and drawn out, it basically means adorable! MOOOOOGIEEEE!

  329. Salty. I have 3 dogs, one is Tippy, another is Homer, the 3rd is Salty!

  330. I think he should be named “Peaks”, from Peaks of Otter in Bedford.

  331. I have to agree I like Scooter but I also think Zippy would be cool with his friend “Tippy” LOL Can’t wait to see what the name will be! :-)

  332. I wouldn’t go for Otto or Oscar or other names like that, they seem so cliche for an otter, if I had to choose a popular on I’d go with George, but I am partial to River or to add one I didn’t see Kiff, to me that’s a good otter-y name.

  333. Oliver “Ollie” Otter

  334. He should be called Randy because it is such a cheerfiul and playful name.

  335. please name him Parker

  336. We think he should be called “Otter Botter”

  337. I think he should be named after D’Artagnan who was the lone 4th Musketeer.

  338. I think Abando would be a good name for this little fellow because his mother abandoned him or Bando.

  339. Defenitly MUGSY!! Look how he is “mugging” for the camera. What a beauty!!

  340. In honor of our military, and just to confuse the heck out of people, I think we should name him SEAL. :)

  341. Emmett Otter or Otto Otter

  342. There’s no doubt about it. Emmet. Emmet the Otter!

  343. Darling little guy! Freckles is my choice

  344. I like Ollie!

  345. name it joskers

  346. How about Finley!

  347. Charleston or Charlie!

  348. I like Oscar as a name for this cute little guy!

  349. Norman. Since he is a bit of a nomad, this should fit.

  350. His name should be “Solo”

  351. As soon as my four year old daugher picked up the paper she said “Ollie”. I think that is a good fit for the little fella!!

  352. Squotter would be a good name.

  353. Theodore – (Theo) (Teddy)

  354. I like Ziggy or Rainbow.

  355. I think he looks like a Tucker!

  356. He looks like an Otto to me.

  357. Parker!

  358. Obviously he has to be George! :O)

  359. I suggest Shining Moon. There is a rich Native American heritage down there. And, my native name is Shining Otter Moon. Ya’ll can call him Shining or Moon for short, both being pretty powerful.

  360. I think the name should be Emmett. Named after the character in Jim Henson’s Emmett Otter’s Jugband Christmas.

  361. He is definitely a cute but up to something!!!

  362. “Grits” — St. George hosts the World’s Grits Festival each year and it took alot of grit to survive until someone found him.

  363. He’s a “Whiskers”…have you ever seen a cuter nose!!

  364. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    My 4th grade class at Linkhorn Park Elementary School (Va. Beach) and I would like to offer the following suggestions… Otto (Mrs. Torres); Oliver (Jalyn W); Cutie (Brooke V, Gabby R., Melanie A.); Milky Way (Montrez B.); Oswald (Ivan F); Otter (Dylan M); Snuggly (Amy P); Aflack (Keith T); Billy Ray (Brad M); Cookie (Gabe B); Robert (Darcy C); Pepe (Eddie F); and Lovely (Michael R). Thanks for slugging through all these suggestions. We have had fun reading about the baby. We are studying about Ecosystems right now, so this comes at a great time! – Mrs. Torres’ Class

  365. We like Harry Otter!

  366. He looks like a “Coconut” to me

  367. It’s been said before, but it rolls off the tongue.

    Harry Otter

  368. St. George….it suits him.

  369. Because this is the cutest “little mugg” i’ve seen in a long time—I think “Muggy” would be an excellent name.

  370. I think the little guys name should be Oliver :)

  371. I think his name should be Otis.

  372. I like Otter Banks

  373. My first thought was “BUBBLES”; then “WALDO”, as in “Where’s Waldo”; or “BANDIT”.

  374. The name NIÑO
    fits him great, meaning Dear, Little, and Sweet in Italian.

  375. He looks like a Linus.

    1. Definitely Benedict!!

    2. BENEDICT!!!!!

    3. BENEDICT! It’s important!!!

    4. Benedict!
      Benny for short :p

    5. Yes, definitely Benedict.

    6. BENEDICT. ( and then please contact Benedict Cumberbatch when the baby is named after him)

    7. Benedict (or Benedict Otterbatch) – and if you don’t know why, you need to see Otters That Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch:

    8. He’s definitely an otter that looks like Benedict Cumberbatch – call him Benedict!

    9. I definitely second Benedict!!

      1. Benedict! Benny! Or simple… Sherlock! :D

        1. COMPLETELY agree! Benedict or Sherlock!

          1. I’m up with Benedict / Benny too! deffinitely! :D

      2. Benedict yeap!

    10. Benedict, yes!!!!

    11. Benedict of course, because other names are so boring… :D


    13. Yes! Definitely Benedict!!

    14. Benedict all the way :D

    15. Benedict or Sherlock!

      1. I agree benedict or sherlock

    16. Definitely.


    18. Definitely Benedict.

    19. Can I just cast a million votes for Benedict? The internet needs this to happen, people.

      1. Omg. Yes. Can this please happen? Like, now. Benedict. Or Sherlock. :3
        So much perfection. :3

  376. I think his name should be oliver

  377. Rudee – for Rudee Inlet/Virginia Beach

  378. Willy Wiskers

  379. Chester Copperpot

  380. Willy Whiskers

  381. I think coco, Valentino, or Ceasar would a real good name for the otter

  382. The otter’s name should be Button.

  383. Parker.

  384. He looks like a “Peanut”

  385. Christian!

    1. Or Carter!

  386. The little guy is definitely an “Otis”.

  387. We like his whiskers. We like the name Whiskers.

  388. I think his name should be Cotter as in Welcome back Cotter the Otter!

  389. The name “scooter”

  390. I like the name MOE….Moe Z Otter

  391. how about Oscar Otter? =)

  392. He looks like a “Frankie” or “Sinatra” since he has blue eyes!

  393. He looks like a “Skipper” to me, a true water baby!

  394. What about St. George or George or Lucky George

  395. He looks like “Emmett” to me.

  396. I like the name Emmett. When of my favorite movies growing up was “Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas”. I vote for Emmett Otter. However, there are so many great names suggested. I do like Jett for obvious reasons. I feel sorry for who ever has to pick a name. So many great suggestions!

    1. One of my favorite movies…typo, sorry ya’ll

  397. Guapo Otter
    Ollie Otter
    Otto Otter
    Willy Otter
    Mack Otter
    Precious Otter
    Miracle Otter
    Otter Banks

  398. I vote “George” for the “Curious George” nature he has and that he is from St. George,SC. :)

  399. SKIPPER! The perfect companion for Tippy and Homer.

  400. “Squiggy”, cute and wiggly! : )

  401. Looks like a Munk to me.

  402. I would suggest ZIGGY. Thanks.

    D. Collett

  403. He looks like a little “Otis” to me!

  404. Georgie, a twist on where he was found.

  405. Neptune

  406. Since he is an orphan and little is known about the lil guy except his place of birth, St. George, I think his name should be Sir George of St. George (George for short). Is there anything cuter than an otter? I think not!

  407. Parker for Parker Fly a 12 year old boy who is near and dear to us all in Portsmouth and has just been given a second chance at life with a liver transplant last week. Please see his story on facebook @

  408. Either George for where he came from or James, after the biggest river in VA.

  409. I think his name should be Naro (pronounced Nay-ro). The name represents the initials for the North American River Otter and the name of his exhibit at the center. (Also, with a different pronounciation, the name provides a little nod to the local area – Norfolk Naro Theater. LOL )

  410. By George his name should be George or Georgie since he was found in St. George, SC.

  411. I suggest George, as he was found near St George SC. And he is cute like Curious george!!!!!!!

  412. Oscar (as in the grouch!) as this guy looks like a complainer

  413. I like this name since it’s is intellgent & refers to the. famous orator.

  414. I think a good name for the little one is Whiskers. Take a look at him. He has big whiskers. The name fits him.

  415. Othello, since his name refers to the famous orator.

  416. Hairy Otter… not very orgininal but cute none-the-less!!